How we do it

I started by reaching out to the Baystate Children's Hospital in Springfield, MA because of its close proximity to my home.  Once I felt that the word had gotten out about the hats at Baystate, I wanted to branch out to another hospital.  So, I looked towards Connecticut Children's Medical Center and they gladly accepted the idea.  In these hospitals, I left forms that the child and parent can fill out.  These forms are the details of what will go into each hat, i.e. the color, a message, and the hobbies of each child.  However, I wanted to reach out to more children via this website.  Spread the word by forwarding the website link to someone that you think would like one.     

It's simple

My name is Billy Cordes, Founder and CEO of BILLY'S LIDS 4 KIDS, INC.  I am currently studying economics and in the pre-dental program at the College of the Holy Cross and have a passion for both health care and art.  I have started a non-profit, charitable organization devoted to kids with cancer.  In an effort to help these children deal with the difficult issue of losing their hair and perhaps self-esteem, I am offering a custom-painted baseball-style cap for kids undergoing treatment.  I hope to be able to talk to the child about what he/she likes to do or any specific theme (baseball, hockey, cars, flowers) that they would like to have painted on a hat the color of their choice.  This hat is provided completely free of charge.