This is Samantha's first hat, and it was for Amelia who is 9 years old.  She likes butterflies, birds, flowers, and of course Spongebob.  Her favorite colors include the beautiful hues of purple, pink, and baby blue.

This hat was made for Jon.  Jon is 12 and he enjoys fishing and his favorite types of fish are trout and largemouth bass.  The rainbow trout was chosen because of its beautiful array of colors that all complement each other.  A lure was put on there because it is an essential part of every fisherman's tackle. He also is a big fan of the Red Sox!

This incredible Pokémon theme hat is for Steven.  He is a fan of Pikachú and Squirtle, two star Pokémon in the series.  He also likes fire type Pokémon.  The essential tools for capturing these creatures are pokéballs, which are scattered across the hat as well.

​​Matt is 9 years old and likes Mario characters and the Yankees.  Bill used his wide array of painting knowledge to made this hat one of a kind.  He used a small epoxy layer of glue as a base, like a canvas, to paint on so it would last forever.  The hat was originally all navy blue, but it was coated in a thin layer of spray paint to reveal the Yankees stencil.  

These are some sample hats that are on the front desks in Hospitals to help give an idea of what we do. 

This hat was made for CJ.  CJ is 5 and he wanted Mario characters and a scene to go along with it.  Mario and Luigi were placed on the hat, along with Yoshi, which Mario is riding.  A Mario scene isn't complete unless it has a pipe and bricks.  

Jake asked for a Red sox hat like the grey sample one in the main office at Baystate.  He is 9 years old and said anything Red Sox related would be great.  So Wally the Green Monster was painted on the side, and the logo was painted right on the front.  A baseball is a necessity for playing the game and hitting a grand slam.   

This hat was our first guest artist hat.  It was made by Maggie for Jaisón.  Jaisón is in second grade and loves sharks, fish, and any other sea creature.  He also enjoys playing with cars.  Another activity that interests Jaisón is drawing.  Hopefully, one day, he too will be a guest artist and help paint wonderful hats.      

This hat was made for Jacob.  He is 5 years old and loves Skylanders.  If you don't know what they are, Skylanders are figurines that have memory cards inside which activate once placed on a pedestal connected to a gaming console.  The two characters on the hat are Zap and Crusher. They are both VERY cool and powerful!  Along the side are the different elements in the game.

​A Minecraft hat was made for Luke who is 8 years old.  He was willing to have anything on the hat that was related to Minecraft.  So, the iconic diamond sword was placed right on the front.  When I think of Minecraft, I also think of Creepers.  They are another type of monster in the game.