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Bill painted a very special hat for Matt.  He is 9 years old and likes Mario characters and the Yankees.  Bill used his wide array of painting knowledge to made this hat one of a kind.  He used a small epoxy layer of glue as a base, like a canvas, to paint on so it would last forever.  The hat was originally all navy blue, but it was coated in a thin layer of spray paint to reveal the Yankees stencil.   

This is Samantha's first hat, and it was for Amelia who is 9 years old.  She likes butterflies, birds, flowers, and of course Spongebob.  Her favorite colors include the beautiful hues of purple, pink, and baby blue.     

Bill Butcher

Drake University - B.F.A. 

Drake University - M.F.A.

​"Bill is a practicing and exhibiting painter and sculptor who has received numerous top awards including several solo and group exhibitions in New York city galleries, solo exhibitions at the Slater Memorial Museum and the Richmond Art Center in Connecticut, and inclusion in numerous national invitational exhibitions. Bill’s work is in several public and private collections in the United States, Bermuda, England, Germany, Jamaica, and Japan.  Bill is also the head of the Arts Department at Suffield Academy."-http://www.suffieldacademy.org


Tunxis Community College

My name is Samantha, I'm 20 years old and have been involved with art since high school. Currently I  am taking classes at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT, in hopes to eventually transfer and earn my degree in early childhood education with a minior in art.

This hat was our first guest artist hat.  It was made by Maggie for Jaisón.  Jaisón is in second grade and loves sharks, fish, and any other sea creature.  He also enjoys playing with cars.  Another activity that interests Jaisón is drawing.  Hopefully, one day, he too will be a guest artist and help paint wonderful hats.      

Since I am still in school, I cannot devote all of my time to painting hats.  So, I often ask artists that I know to help out.  I have created this page so they can receive recognition for what they have done to help.  

*If you too are an artist who would like to design a hat, go to the CONTACT US home page and send me an email.  Feel free to attach some pictures of other pieces that you have done or photos of you as well and I will try to attach them to your designated section.


Emory University, GA